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Cole NeSmith

Developing a Culture and Community of Creativity

Artists are often islands unto themselves - creating a fractured art world wet with cynicism and critique. But something beautiful happens when artists are willing to develop true artistic community. Artists, neighborhoods and cities begin to take on a new identity of creative passion.

James Shermer

Broward Cultural Devision's "Creative Broward 2020"

The Cultural+Planning Group has been selected by Broward County to craft a 10-year Community Cultural Plan that examines diversity connected to Creative Economy, Cultural Tourism and Public Art and Design, and provides a comprehensive needs assessment, vision, draft legislation, policy framework, recommendations, strategies, funding requirements, funding sources, evaluation instrument, and benchmarks.

Special Guest Presentations by :

Hal Axler

(Past Executive Director of Cinema Paradiso)

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Perspective Speaker

Andrew Martineau

Ft. Lauderdale - A Warm New York.

I have always admired New York and the amazing things they produce. However, there is something about South Florida, particularly Ft. Lauderdale that has captivated some of the worlds most creative talent and biggest thinkers. Warm weather, beaches and waterways, access to one of Our nations most frequented ports. Does Ft. Lauderdale have the ability to be the warmer side of New York?
Perspective Speaker

Travis Webster

Authentic Collaboration Is The Only Way Forward

In my opinion, collaboration is one of the oldest and most underutilized tools humankind has at its fingertips. historically, almost every collaborative model has failed for very specific reasons, but there are a few that can teach us how to collaborate authentically and sustainably.
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Perspective Speaker

Jewel Figueras

Reach Out--How to Become a Networker Extraordinaire!

One of Miami's most notable and recognized female blogger show us the secrets to personal publicity. This session will give you tips on how to reach out to people who could help advance your career. These may be celebrities, industry influencers, or anyone else you might need to go through.
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Perspective Speaker

Stonly Baptiste

Hacker's Guide to Surviving the Tech Apocalypse

We live in a world that functions in, through, and at the mercy of internet technology ("IT"). The fact of the matter is, almost all of todays IT could be brought to its knees via a myriad of mathematically probable scenarios. Massive cyber attacks, EMP bombings, or solar disruptions of our electrical grid or communication satellites are all realistic and plausible scenarios. If we function not in paranoia, but rather in rational, calculated thinking, it is not hard to realize that our entire society is hinged on a very fallible system. One that did not exist more that a few decades ago and may very well be destroyed at a moments notice. In 5 minutes you will learn how to transform everything you learned as a computer hacker into real world survival tactics in the Brave New World.
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Perspective Speaker

Jose Lopez

Moving Forward

Jose is the curator and organizer of a local creative movement called For Art's Sake, a community and show born from unifying talent. Also, Jose will be discussing his desire to continue building a stronger and better creative scene in South Florida through For Art's Sake!, specifically in the Ft. Lauderdale area.
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Perspective Speaker

Walter Bernuy

Finding Your Purpose

Harris Interactive conducted a survey for in January 2007. The numbers revealed that 84% of Americans Workers are not happy with their jobs. Can you believe that? 8 out of 10 people really hate their jobs. The big question is WHY? I believe this is the main reason: the activities people do for a living are not in alignment with their true talents. It is our mission to find them and know how we are going to make good use of them. It is from these talents that we can find our life purpose. The presentation is about our Life Purpose and the Mission in our lives.
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Perspective Speaker

Serge Atherwood

Fort Lauderdale's Future in the Knowledge-based Economy.

The talk will address the factors behind the accelerating transition from post-industrial economy to knowledge-based economy and what they mean for the future economic and social stability and growth of Fort Lauderdale.
Perspective Speaker

Steven Naron

The Power of Communication In Communities

For years at NASA, a think tank, and at IBM, I ran very large projects that came in on time and budget with happy clients. These successes happened in a field where as many as 60% of projects fail. Although I had my share of luck, I found early on that the best tool, after doing intense preparation, was to over communicate at every level. This required a well though out communications plan.
Perspective Speaker

Mark Gross


I was in a business selling a boring product when a customer call came in one day for an interesting twist on my boring product. This started a 2 year obsession of trial and error, traveling, tinkering, testing...trying to make the product this customer was asking for. In 2006 we finally rolled out (literally) our first ImageMat into the market. Since then we count among our customers the likes of Nintendo, Dupont Chemical, Clear Communications, Coca Cola , Rubbermade Corporation, ING Bank and Disney.
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Perspective Speaker

Ryan Doyle

Adventure of A Lifetime

It is hard to put into words the strong power that Fort Lauderdale and it's beaches posses. I moved here from the safe harbor of a steady environmental job and lifestyle to follow my dreams of happily living life: for a greater cause. Many like minded courageous people before me (including my mother who unbeknownst to me made the same trek 30 years ago) are allured by its mystery. From my encounter with my first customer while Pedicabbing to my commercial debut for a great cause to my speeding ticket 5 minutes over the border, I've had countless memories and look forward to many more in on the beaches of fort lauderdale.